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Please browse our Resiliency Resources.

  • Resiliency Reading List
    Books and media we find helpful for developing resiliency. (Bookstore in association with Practical Psychology Press and
  • Resiliency eCourse
    Not currently available.
  • Resiliency Advantage Train-the-Trainer Certification
    — Our Resiliency Advantage Training-the-Trainer program provides your organization’s trainers with the tools necessary to instruct your employees in human resiliency.
  • Resiliency Facilitator Certification Program
    — View the requirements for joining our network and adding a certified Resiliency Trainer credential to your toolbox of training topics. Learn what being a “Resilitator” is all about.
  • Resiliency Definitions
    Do you know what the verb for resilience is? We didn’t either until we looked in the dictionary. The verb for resilience is "resile" (ree-zil), as in "the people best suited for today’s world of non-stop change are able to resile."
  • Resiliency Expert Speakers and Facilitators
    View a list of Resiliency Experts. Speakers and workshop leaders to help your organization resile.
  • Resiliency Researcher Resources
    Some interesting Resiliency Research is taking place around the world.
  • Resiliency Links
    Just a sample of interesting sites we’ve found, in alphabetical order. Quoted materials come from the site directly or from the materials submitted to us.