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  • Overcoming "Victimitis"
    David Pendlum says: “It is actually quite difficult to lay out any given step-by-step process of how I overcame what ...
  • Growing Better and Better
    Gloria Nash writes: In July of 2002 you published my story on your website. I continue to receive positive feedback ...
  • Single and Surviving
    Rhona. Johnson shows directly how some of the principles in The Survivor Personality relate to everyday life and hopes her ...
  • Butterflies are Free
    Meredith Murray experienced near-fatal car accident in 1995 and her life was changed forever. She thinks of her experience as ...
  • How I Survived the Deaths of Twelve Family Members
    Within a four-year period, twelve of Joanne Hill’s family members died, beginning with husband and ending with her son. During ...
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