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Resiliency Advantage Train-the-Trainer Certification

The Resiliency Advantage Training-the-Trainer program consists of a two-day training, plus an additional one- or two-day commitment (depending on size of trainee class) from the ASRC Master Trainer to observe participants practice.


Previous experience as a trainer with proven success (provide evaluations).


  • Show evidence of an established plan to roll out Resiliency Advantage Training following train-the-trainer sessions within a two month period
  • Attend Resiliency Advantage Training as a participant (10 person maximum per group)
  • Develop and facilitate a one-hour module to be observed and evaluated by the ASRC Master Trainer
  • Commitment to one group follow-up session with the ASRC Master Trainer, to be held either as a one-hour teleconference, or a two-hour in-person workshop within two months of the original workshop. (Purpose: to debrief regarding how the roll-out is going.)


  • Read The Resiliency Advantage, Al Siebert, PhD, and Managing Transitions, William Bridges, PhD
  • Write a two-page summary regarding what is most meaningful to you in each book in terms of a workplace application
  • Take "How Resilient Are You?" online quiz and bring results to class (

One-hour Practice Module Evaluation Criteria

Note: Participation in the outlined process does not guarantee licensure.

Trainers will be approved based upon their ability to demonstrate:

  • A variety of training techniques, changing techniques approximately every 20 minutes
  • Active listening
  • An encouraging, supportive rapport with participants
  • “Thinking on one’s feet” by utilizing participant comments as a springboard
  • Asking open-ended questions that promote deeper levels of learning
  • Effective time management
  • Topic expertise by asking for and responding effectively to participant questions
  • An energetic, engaging presence


Upon completion, individuals will be approved to deliver the Resiliency Advantage Training only within the organization that hires the ASRC Master Trainer. The agreement they sign entitles them to deliver the training internally, but not externally.

updated: 02-13-2015